Jacob’s Ladder is comprised of many components. This program was formulated encompassing the needs of the juveniles, ages 13 – 17, in Prince George’s County. Jacob’s Ladder offers juveniles the following:

1. Counseling – Provided by psychologist and sociologist
a. Prevention counseling to prevent repeat offenders
b. Bi-weekly Individual Counseling
c. Monthly Group Counseling with child and family
2. Education
a. After school tutorial program
i. Each child is scheduled to 2-3 days of tutoring each week
b. Advocate for parents with schools
i. Assist in IEP development
ii. Compile behavior modification plans
iii. Develop relationship with teachers and administrative staff
iv. Make bi-weekly school visits
c. GED preparation
3. Mentorship
a. Each child enrolled in the program is assigned a mentor
b. The child makes daily contact with his/her mentor
c. The mentor schedules bi-weekly outings
4. Awareness Programs
a. Gang Violence Prevention
b. Character Building
c. Peer Pressure
d. Truancy Prevention
e. Abstinence Program

Jacob’ Ladder is not only designed to meet the needs of the juvenile but also the needs of the families. Below
you will find the services we offer to the families who has a juvenile enrolled in our program:
1. Housing Assistance
a. Landlord/Tenant Advocacy
b. Affordable Housing Placement
2. Financial Literacy
a. Budget Planning
b. Credit Counseling
3. Career Placement
a. Resume Building
b. Interview Skills
c. Job Training Skills
d. Career Placement
4. Education Assistance
a. GED Preparation Course
b. College Placement
5. Parenting Workshops
a. Workshops will be based on effective communication, rebuilding parent/child
relationships, and regaining trust.

The timeframe for a juvenile to be in Jacob’s Ladder is a minimum of six months to a year, the total duration of the program depends upon the total need of the juvenile. The program does offer a monthly tracking system to track each child’s progression. If you would like to contact us, please send an email to programsforyouth@gmail.com