New Members

Welcome to the family of Jabbok International Ministries. Adding new family is a special pleasure; therefore, your successful transition is our greatest concern. Jabbok International Ministries has established our New Member’s Class to assist you in that transition. The Principles of the Kingdom is a 12 week course designed to ensure that you are grounded in the fundamental tenets of our beliefs and is required for all new members to complete. Our instructors will deliver the course topics in an informal classroom structure, to give our new family insight to their purpose in the body of believers here at Jabbok. The topics covered will include an introduction to Ministry, finding your place and passion in Ministry, and especially, the gifts of the Spirit. New Members are encouraged to begin this course the first Friday after joining the body of believers at Jabbok. The classes are held on Fridays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm for 12 consecutive weeks on a revolving topic schedule. Every effort will be made to accommodate the schedules of our new members, however, it is imperative that each new member commit to his/her preparation for service in our local assembly. Please note the date, class and teacher.

For Class schedule please contact the Administrative Office.